Life-cycle methodology for the assessment of existing concrete structures

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Welcome on the website of the FWO-SBO lifeMACS project.

The lifeMACS project is a research project funded by the Research Foundation РFlanders (FWO). The research topics which are treated in this project are inspired by the fact that repair and upgrading of structures are becoming increasingly important and are associated to an increasing part of activities in the construction sector. Current state of the art lacks a coupled Bayesian framework that enables to update through-life performance predictions, optimize inspections and interventions and fully exploit knowledge available through information gathered or modelled, limiting the exploitation of the benefits of applying a life-cycle framework. The project is unique in developing a multi-layer Bayesian approach that enables to perform a coherent through-life performance quantification, life-cycle management and decision making for existing concrete structures taking into account all available information from inspections, monitoring and structural modelling. You can find more information about the scientific content here.