WP6 - BIM based life-cycle information management

Cedric Driesen

Main researcher: Cedric Driesen

Affiliation: Buildwise


Work package description

This research focuses on the general use of a BIM environment to store and update the data inputs and outputs of the analytical and computational modeling as described in the other work packages. It is necessary to define a global generalized workflow based on certain templates so that this can easily applied to a multitude of (reinforced) concrete structures. In other words, a centralized data exchange will be created centered around the structures BIM model, to allow for easy storage for and interaction between the different models.


main objectives

This workpackage aims for the following Deliverables (D) and Milestones (M):

  • Creating a data management plan: defining which data is required or optional, and how this data will be stored
  • Defining rules for the creation + management of BIM models, where the goal is storing the data from the data management plan in a simple and intuitive way
  • Writing an IFC extension conform to the data management plan
  • Finding a method to transform the BIM model to IFC while retaining all the stored data
  • Creating a central data exchange framework, so data can be sent to and from the BIM model and databases
  • Combining all required steps into a single workflow