Conference Publications at ISMA 2022

Menno Van de Velde submitted a contribution to the International Conference on Noise and Vibration Engineering (ISMA 2022).

Vibration-based monitoring of small-scale damage in prestressed concrete beams using joint acceleration and FBG strain data

M. Van de Velde, D. Anastasopoulos, E. Reynders, G. Lombaert

Abstract: Vibration-based Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) is a non-destructive approach which is widely used for monitoring civil infrastructure. Tracking changes in modal characteristics (such as natural frequencies, displacement mode shapes and strain mode shapes), which are related to changes in structural stiffness, can be used for the detection and localization of damage. Natural frequencies are sensitive to global stiffness changes, but less sensitive to local changes. Strain mode shapes are more sensitive to such local changes in structural stiffness and might thus be better suited for the detection of the local deterioration of prestressed strands, but experimental validation is still needed. Therefore, in this contribution, one of five prestressed strands of a prestressed concrete beam is locally cut in controlled lab-environment, simulating the reduction in cross-section caused by pitting corrosion. The influence of this local damage on different modal characteristics is studied. Natural frequencies and displacement mode shapes are found to be insensitive to the local damage. Strain mode shapes, on the other hand, are clearly influenced and it is demonstrated they are well suited for both detection and localization of this local type of damage.