Announcement: lifeMACS Mini-Symposium during ICASP14 2023

A Mini-Symposium related to the lifeMACS project will be organized during the ICASP14 2023 conference in Dublin (09/07-13/07/2023). 

More information can be found on the conference website:

Quantitative assessment, performance prediction and design of interventions of existing concrete structures

MS chairs: Robby Caspeele, Wouter Botte, Els Verstrynge, Geert Lombaert, Joan Ramon Casas, Fabio Biondini

Abstract: Assessment, repair and upgrading of existing concrete structures are becoming increasingly important and are associated to an increasing part of activities in the construction sector. Current state of the art lacks a consistent use of reliability-based approaches and the application of Bayesian updating techniques, although these enable to establish adequate through-life performance predictions, optimize inspections and interventions and fully exploit the combined knowledge available from information gathered through inspections and/or monitoring. Such evolution is however necessary to establish performant approaches for the assessment of existing concrete structures in a life-cycle framework.
Therefore, this mini-symposium focusses among others on the following topics:
– probabilistic modelling of degradation and damage progress
– probabilistic model-based performance prediction methods, enabling to incorporate time-dependent degradation effects, spatial variability and/or updated information based on investigations
– probabilistic model-independent performance prediction methods, enabling performance prediction in relation to asset management of a large building/infrastructure stock
– Optimization techniques for inspection and monitoring strategies considering uncertainties
– Optimization and decision making techniques for repair and strengthening under uncertainty
– Case studies in which the above mentioned techniques are applied and/or validated